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Let's cultivate love, compassion, joy, and peace starting with me

Welcoming in the expantion of love

Winter Solstice is a fertile time to go within and self reflect on how we're feeling. It's a time to slow down, ground ourselves, go within, and tend to our hearts. We can take time to remember who we are as divine beings and take a long tender look at our inner lives, to tend to our heart's fertile landscape, pull weeds, clear the ground, compost the muck, and plant seeds of love and hope for the year to come.

We're here to cultivate truth, justice, honesty, equality, and focus on love, joy, compassion, and peace. We're here to develop authenticity, to operate honestly, find joy, bliss, and simplicity in our lives by living the truth of who we are as divine beings and teaching others how to do the same with us. This is well within your scope. You are powerful beyond your dreams.

We're so much more than our physical selves, our titles, our address, or job.... We're divine children of God, Love, Creator, Source and this divinity is within each of us, we are cosmic beings connected and interconnected with all of life. We're here to know love, to share love, to shine our light within and without so that we are warmed by the divine, and we warm those around us just be being our most authentic selves allowing our divinity to shine through. This love is tuned into our higher SELF, Source, and respects the divine within ourselves and others.

It is often hardest to love and respect ourselves. For so many reasons we've learned to allow those around us to devalue us, quiet us, mistreat us, and disrespect us. This is why it is so important to take this time to rest, go within our own hearts, and feel deeply how we've been treating ourselves through our life beliefs and behaviors. In this way we can see clearly what needs to shift and what we need to nourture and grow more fully into who we are meant to be.

Are we creating heaven or hell on earth?

We have the ability (with practice) to express ourselves in that grounded expansion of love, and to learn to still the voice of fear and disconnect that may lie within. If that fearful voice is given capacity we believe we are powerless to life's ways and we feel hopeless. That is a slippery slope that only spirals downward. To realized the divine is to know that life is full of love, wonder, miracles, potential, and divine power for each of us when we are led by love. It may seem that we are small, separate, and alone but we are so much more!

We have a choice between divine will, and free will. Divine will is like a direct line connecting us to the Source, our higher SELF. We can tune in and align with our higher SELF to follow our soul's journey through it. It aligns us with loving wisdom, that knowing between right and wrong, and divine guidance. Free will is to do what we humanly please without attunement to spirit; it often shows up as greed, status, power over, control, manipulation. We see it everyday in the news and politics. Which do you choose? Divine will or free will? There will be challenges, chaos, & change with both, and there will be healing, love, peace, and joy with divine will. It's not necessarily easy all the time, and it's well worth it if this is what you choose. The power of the loving divine far outweighs the human power over of controlling others. When we're on the higher wavelength we can see more clearly, feel more at peace, and shine our love more fully. Divine will is spiritual integrity.

How to go within and self reflect:

First of all we create a safe and sacred environment without interruption. We make it nice and comfortable for ourselves so that we feel cared for. We focus on love, compassion, joy, and peace for ourselves and for others to lay the foundation for heaven on earth.

We breathe and we feel, and as we continue to breathe and feel we'll begin to notice that the overwhelm leaves us and we can manage our feelings with more ease and clarity. Our nervous systems calm and we begin to come home to our true selves. We remember that emotions are thoughts, and we are more than thoughts. We are the one witnessing ourselves.

We feel our bodies grounded to remember we're connected to earth in this cosmic multiverse we're a part of, and breathe. We simply breathe in slowly and fully, and breathe out slowly and fully, and allow ourselves to feel each feeling fully and so we tame the urge to fight, flee, or freeze. We can begin to see what weeds are taking up precious nourishment that would be better served for love; self love, and we decide to begin the work to rid our hearts of them.

As we sit in self love and acceptance, we begin to notice thoughts and feelings come into focus. We can begin to examine what we're believing and where those beliefs began, where we're stuck or thriving, who we are, how we're treating ourself and how our relationships are feeling, as well as all the other feelings we're having. Do they feel nourishing and warm the heart? Do they feel deminishing? Are there issues to examine further, or are they ready to go?

After a while of sitting with our feelings and insights, we may decide to gently come back to the room, so it's then time to thank ourself for our wisdom and inner guidance through our higher SELF. Remember we are each a divine being, favorite child of God, and so we acknowledge our divinity. We notice how we feel when we do this. This is the way toward being fully empowered as a thoughtful, kind, compassionate, loving being here on earth.

Please take time this Winter Solstice to go within and begin your journey home to the warmth of your own heart, to be the love that you are as the interconnected galactic child that radiates their truth, and creates heaven here on earth for yourself and all of your relatives.



If you would like to talk with me about how we can work together toward your authentic empowerment please take a moment to visit my website and send me a note at You are welcome to call me if you prefer at 925-302-9900.

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