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My Current Projects:

Traveling postcards - channeling traumatic experience into creativity - counseling resources for janis mckinstry therapy

Traveling Postcards

(Since 2013)

safe space for healing and for witnessing survivor resiliency - trauma informed therapy
mystic mag interview psychospiritual and authentic empowerment counseling

Mystic Mag Interview



Here are some resources that I have found very helpful and offer to you. My hope is that they bring clarity and ease to your self understanding, acceptance, and self love. Please consider supporting your local book store or library unless you wish to purchase. 

The Highly Sensitive Person

by Elaine N. Aron


Co Dependent No More

by Melody Beattie

The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Ruiz

Emotional Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman


The Artist’s Way

by Julia Cameron


Women Who Run With the Wolves

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Badass BOUNDARIES: Tools for Empowerment. A Skills for Change Journey

by Laura N Chamberlin

Boundary BOSS

The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free

by Terri Cole 


Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

by Dr. Elaine Aron, PhD

13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive People Will Understand

by Psych 2 Go

Treating Trauma: 2 Ways to Help Clients Feel Safe, with Peter Levine



The 5 Signs Someone Has Suffered Narcissistic Abuse

by MedCircle/Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Dr. Elaine Aron, PhD
The Study of the Temperament State of The Highly Sensitive Person
Doctor Ramani Durvasula

Clinical Psychologist, Expert

on Narcissism 

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