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My Focus
Psychospiritual Counseling


Transpersonal psychology includes and transcends the personal experiences of this lifetime (because we're so much more than skin and bones) and honors the soul's journey. Psychospiritual counseling is an integrative therapy for mind, body, spirit, and emotion. 


I view our body as the vehicle for the soul, and see it as intrinsically connected to this life's journey, so I blend transpersonal (spirit) and somatic (body) psychology in my approach for full integration of the insights you'll reach. The soul's journey is a big adventure and life's discovery is empowering.


Mindfulness is being fully aware in the present moment. When we are mindful we are in our conscious mind and can see what subconscious programming is operating that brings shame, anxiety, and other discordant feelings.


Mindfulness brings us into awareness of our own feelings, thoughts, & sensations, and being curious without judgment leads to further inquiry, leading to discovery & understanding what is our's and what is programming, all leading to spiritual development and conscious choice. Life comes into perspective. With conscious choice we are able to make decisions that serve our own, and the collective's, greater good to lead a harmonious and meaningful life. 

Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma effects every aspect of our lives whether it was experienced over a long period of time or in one event. It influences our beliefs and behaviors because it is literally embedded in body memory and has programed us to re-act out of fear of it happening again.


I take a holistic approach and practice my own form of somatic release (born out of somatic experiencing and mindfulness) that gently soothes the nervous system to transmute the trauma out of body memory, free the feelings of being fearful and stuck, and create spaciousness for new healthy memories to be made. I offer a compassionate individualized approach to healing trauma because I recognize that we are each different in the ways that experience affects us.

My Approch
My Approach

I am relational, and approach my work with an open mind and heart bringing non judgmental curiosity to my psychospiritual counseling and compassionate life coaching practice. I listen in loving kindness, unconditional high regard, and honesty.

I view my work as a service to your healing and growth into the highest expression of who you are in your heart so you may reach your soul's truest expression and be authentically empowered. 

I am present with you as I honor my intuition and tune in to the feelings and emotions shared. I listen to the the messages under the words and I'm curious as I sense into what might be left unsaid, such as longing, shame, guilt, shoulds, unexpressed emotions, old programing, and other beliefs that are directing your thoughts and behaviors. I create an emotionally safe space to gently lead you into these feelings to learn what they may have to teach you about yourself. 

With compassion, I teach a gentle approach to mindfulness helping you to become aware of your own feelings, beliefs, assumptions, and ways that they may hinder your relationship with yourself and others so that you'll have the skills to shift into authentic expression and true intimacy.


 Mindfulness enhances our mind/body awareness as somatic release relaxes the vagus nerve and tells the body it's safe, and in this way honors the nervous system to relax and let go of trapped body memory. As the body awareness increases, and trauma releases, I then teach integration of how these spacious feelings can guide you into ability to make healthy choices. You'll be able to distinguish your personal space and naturally create healthy boundaries to support your authentic empowerment, and In this way you are able to make healthy choices for yourself to enhance and enrich your life in ways that are nourishing and feel good. 

Whatever modality we engage, whether individual or intensive retreats, it is my honor to witness your exploration, discoveries, understanding, empowerment, and conscious growth as you claim your place here in your magnificent life.

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