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Counseling, Psychotherapy, and highly sensitive personal growth counseling


This is me, Janis, traveling in the great adventure of life. I love to explore all things with curiosity and wonder. There's so much to learn if we open our minds and hearts and walk that path with interest. My life has brought me here to you, so it's only fair that you get a little glimpse into me. 

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Highly Sensitive person therapy, personal growth and psychotherapy - empathic, intuitive, and clairsentient

My Story

I am a Highly Sensitive Person which means that I feel and process things deeply, and have heard "you're too sensitive" far too many times. I am empathic, intuitive, and clairsentient which means that I have a clear way of knowing things that aren't evident to some, and am an elder which means I've lived a long time and have learned a lot about life. I love to learn which is why I identify as 7 on the enneagram. 

I grew up in a big family with brothers and sisters who I loved very much, even in moments of struggle. We grew up with a lot of freedom to explore and roam all day to return home for dinner. We were musical, creative, artistic, and loved. My mom was incredibly nurturing and understanding, and my dad was a genius retired Naval officer who believed I was too sensitive and demanded my full attention, which was often a challenge for me. He was intellectual and really didn’t understand me as feeling so he gave me books on mind expansion, quantum physics, and invention as a way to help me, and he is probably responsible for my interest in deep learning, and the mystical & spiritual world. 

Fast forward to adulthood and now…I’m divorced with 2 grown kids and 5 young grandkids. I love each one with all my heart, and still there’s room for more love. Always. 

My dog friend Zoey and I have moved from California to the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and now to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Though I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m kind of a farm gal at heart since spending all my childhood summers on our family farm in eastern Iowa, and am so grateful that I had the great outdoors available to me while growing up. I love being outdoors in the fresh air and find great peace and inspiration in nature. 

I believe in helping each other in ways that create a healthy and sustainable world in which to thrive, so I practice Loving Kindness, do my best to connect with people when out and about, support various environmental, social justice, & transformational art organizations, and strive to live in alignment with my heart and soul. I’m just one person hoping & moving in action for a better world for my 5 gorgeous grandchildren and all of the wonderful children of the world, including you.  

For those of you who understand astrology this will give you a little glimpse into who I am: Sun in Cancer XII, Venus XI conjunct Cancer, Leo Rising, Sagittarius Moon. Perhaps I was a mermaid, or maybe a wizard, in another lifetime ;). I love to travel and have visited sacred sites around the world with deep reverence and gratitude. Sometimes when I travel I can sense I’ve been there when it’s clear I haven’t in this lifetime. I’m so curious about life and am eager to explore again soon. 

I've experienced and felt deeply the death of loved ones, traumas, betrayal, narcissistic abuse, & disease which have led me through dark nights of the soul, a sacred life transformational near death experience, and a deep and complex healing process. These experiences led me into the study of yoga, meditation, spirituality & psychology, and eventually to serving people who have suffered narcissistic abuse, and Highly Sensitive Empathic People like me. 


My hope is that my life experiences and my willingness to be open to the unfamiliar will provide a fertile place to grow and discover the whys of the mysteries of life. 


Be well,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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