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highly rated transpersonal counseling, authentic empowerment counselor, compassionate life coach

"If you are looking for a counselor that is intuitive, astute, compassionate, and gently yet powerfully productive, Janis is the real deal. Not only has Janis served as a mentor, she has lead me and continues to lead me to my own empowerment — she helps me to fulfill my potential while releasing that which doesn’t serve me. Janis is an incredibly active listener, all the while being incredibly in tune to her client’s energy during the session. She perceives emotional shifts in me immediately, and is able to help me to tap into the deeper meanings in what I’m processing. Janis possesses many productive tools in her arsenal that are non-invasive, gentle, and progressive. In less than a year with Janis, I have let go of destructive daily habits related to childhood trauma that I never imagined releasing with such ease. This doesn’t mean that it is easy. Janis is the person that will ask you the difficult questions in the most nurturing way. She helps her clients to move through feelings of such trauma-based habits in a non-attached observational manner. Additionally, Janis uses a holistic and wholistic approach with her clients. She has many skill sets that she has acquired within her lifetime that allow her to help her client at every angle — this includes dietary habits, meditation practice, self-care practices, as well as hormonal balancing, to name a few. If you are concerned about conducting your counseling via video call, I can assure you there is nothing to worry about. I was concerned that I would feel distant from Janis. However, I do not. She is so focused in the sessions, that I feel drawn in and focused on in such a way that even when I begin to hit a block, she is my advocate and pulls me right back in to my experience. I can’t say enough good things about Janis. My hope is that this review provides enough information to help you in your journey in finding the right counselor for you. Janis has been the perfect fit for me."


Finding Janis at my darkest time in life was a nothing short of lifesaving/ changing event for me. Janis beyond being very professional, provides a safe place for you to discuss anything and everything. From my horrific childhood traumas to my current medical issues, Janis has brought me so much knowledge, insight, healing, and support that no other counselor has done for me in my entire life. Janis is always ever present in our sessions and while easy to confide in and at my pace, her intuition and experience has helped me above and beyond my expectations no matter how difficult the topic. Janis not only provided emergency emotional support to stop the darkness from completely engulfing me, but additionally provided me with tools and knowledge that I continue to employ in my everyday life. Today I am a completely different person (for the better in all aspects of my life; emotional, spiritual, nutritional, health, etc because of Janis..Above and beyond all of these traits, Janis is just good for your soul.​


counselor for absuive narcissitice abuse and setting healthy boundaries, five star reviews, highly rated
personal coach for Integrative therapy for mind, body, spirit, and emotion - highly sensitive people

Janis, from the moment I stepped into your space I felt that I entered a sacred space; that I walked through a thresh-hold that had a quality of spaciousness and stillness.  What was so precious to me was the way you made it so natural to move from the mundane subjects of life in general to topics related to private practice and future career goals. I felt heard deeply and that allowed me to re-imagine alternatives and possibilities that I could not have before our meeting. I can’t thank you enough for your gentle yet clear professional guidance, your helpful suggestions and most of all your collaborative and supportive spirit. One session with you helped clarify my thoughts around the direction of my profession. Thank you so much.



For the past few years I've been suffering from joint inflammation, to the point I was starting to lose full use of my hands.  For nearly two years I took large dosages of Naproxin and Ibuprofen, until it began affecting my heart.  I'd also been chronically tired and fuzzy-minded and never felt quite awake.  Janis took a great interest in my case and spent a lot of time talking with me about my symptoms and history, and recommended a diet that I've been following for five months with great success.  She also gave suggestions for further medical testing. My hands are now in better shape than they ever were with NSAIDs, and seem to continue improving.  A side effect of the great nutrition I've been getting is I've lost over ten pounds without even trying. I sleep better and wake up easily for a change, the brain fog has lifted and I feel generally more comfortable and happy as a result.  I think my way of eating has been changed forever—thanks Janis!



Compassionate Life Coach for trauma informed therapy
Authentic Empowerment and personal growth and developement coach

Thank you Janis for this very surprising week of discovery, rediscovery and self-revelation. My time with you was a turning point in my life Janis. I am still integrating all the blessings. You let me see that freedom is real. Freedom from stereotypes, freedom to choose what to eat, where to go. It was awesome to get in the car and go. No explanation, no justifying why, what, when, etc. Freedom to choose does not mean either or.... I learned that from you. I come from a culture that choosing means "either or”. No integration of opposites.You are a loving icon of tolerance.At the same time you are very clear about boundaries. It's so inspirational because you do it with LOVE; that's your DNA.



"Janis is a kind, empathetic, highly intuitive Counselor. I would definitely recommend her for anyone seeking
guidance from a compassionate practitioner. She provided for me the attentive listening that I needed at this time in my life. Very worthwhile." ♥️Rocio 
"Janis is an amazing therapist. Her gifts, skills, ability to make an accurate synopsis of another person's journey into the depths of trauma. Throughout all of my professional training and personal circumstances, I have never found a therapist who could clearly articulate exactly where I was in my heartfelt and spiritual 'travel.' Janis has a unique gift to clearly provide an excellent understanding of the human spirit/soul."

"Janis is such a warm, kind person and I think working with her would be amazing! She clearly has a lot of experience and insight into a variety of issues that are relevant to me at my age and stage in life!" 

Diep L.





"My experience with Janis McKinstry has been wonderful. She has such a warm and calming demeanor, and her feedback is honest and incredibly helpful. The tools that she has shared with me have been effective and each session leaves me feeling relaxed and confident in my ability to handle difficult situations. I am fortunate to have found Janis and highly recommend her. Thank you so much Janis. I will stay in touch!"


"My time working with Janis has been transformative. We have worked together to move through my anxiety and depression. She has helped me find self love, self acceptance, and self compassion. She is an attentive listener who truly engages in your healing. She operates from a place of loving kindness and has taught me to do the same. I am so grateful for the work we do together!"

"Just wanted to take a moment and communicate how grateful I am for you, and how much I appreciate the work we’ve done together. Having you as one of my teachers and space holders is a great blessing in my life.

Here’s to the last year and a half plus!

With love,


”Working with Janis was enlightening and healing from start to finish. She helped me kindly extend compassion toward myself in a way that I had never experienced before, and I still carry her shared methods for cultivating self-love with me every day. With her guidance, I was able to understand and accept myself with compassion and love, and I will always be grateful."


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