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Janis Mckinstry psychospiritual counseling, holisting therapy, and personal coaching


I help highly sensitive and empathic people who are feeling anxious & overwhelmed soothe their nervous system, improve self understanding and acceptance, & come into true self love so they will 
live a healthy & authentically empowered life. 

About Me


Do you suffer with anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, and a feeling that you're different?

Are your feelings easily hurt? 


Are you empathic? 

Do you notice every little thing, feel the “vibes'' or energy of individuals or a crowd, and do you sometimes become emotionally hyper vigilant?

Do you need a lot of free time and time alone? 


Do people often start up a conversation with you and tell you personal details? 


Have you been in difficult and/or abusive relationships? 

If you relate to this, you’re likely among the 20% to 30% of us HSPs and you’re in the right place.

I’d be honored to help you find calm confidence while learning to trust and honor yourself.

I'm here to help you learn to soothe your nervous system, acknowledge your many gifts, find calm confidence, create kind & healthy boundaries, and live an authentically empowered life.

For more on the Highly Sensitive Person please read my blog titled “Highly Sensitive Person Traits & Support.”

I hope to talk with you soon. 

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person

I help highly sensitive and empathic people calm anxiety & overwhelm so they can find joy, spaciousness, and the freedom to be truly yourself. I create an emotionally safe space to gently lead you into your deepest feelings to learn what they may have to teach you about yourself. I offer psychospiritual counseling services that help you realign your spirit

I listen carefully, and incorporate Mindfulness & Somatic Awareness and Release, as well as other modalities such as family systems, inner child, psychosynthesis, dreams, shadow work, and more as needed. 

Somatic Release (my own modality born out of mindfulness & somatic experiencing) gently guides the release of trapped trauma resulting in a feeling of inner spaciousness & confidence that can then be integrated to guide you to make healthy & intentional choices for yourself in life’s varied circumstances.


I teach you skills to calm yourself in stressful times, restore and re-energize yourself, and help you recognize and become clear about your own needs to naturally create healthy & respectful boundaries that support you and your relationships with your loved ones and life. Whether you've endured narcissistic abuse and want to heal, or want to learn healthy boundaries to avoid problems, I can help you transform yourself from feeling helpless or hopeless to empowered and authentically you. 

I am focused on your body, mind, spirit, and emotional self alignment and attunement to honor your most authentic self in all of life's situations. 

If you would like another’s perspective on my work, please read my client testimonials for their personal statements about their work with me. Please contact me for a free consultation to see if we're a good fit for your healing & empowerment journey.

What I do

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Integrative therapy for mind, body, spirit, and emotion - Authentic Empowerment

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Janis is a wonderful counselor with a gift for compassionate listening and insightful guidance. She meets everyone where they are and does not try to 'fix' but rather 'holds' each individual in wisdom and understanding. She is a master in creating rituals that are healing, sacred, safe and fun! She brings light with her wherever she goes and illuminates a path for personal transformation.



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Trauma informed therapy - Soul journey - Spiritual development

Please contact me to schedule a free secure video consultation to talk about how we can work together to create your authentically empowered life, and to receive Monthly Inspiration.                                        

Tel: 925-302-9900

Olympia, Washington
Pacific Time Zone

I look forward to talking with you.

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